About us

We are FIREFLY and we are dedicated to all the young, young minded and trendy people. For almost 20 years, our brand has offered authentic products and affordable solutions for any trend - and action sports - and to people, who are celebrating an active, creative and open-minded lifestlye. Exclusively designed textiles including winter outwear, surf and beachwear aswell as leisure items and footwear ranging from skate shoes to sneakers and flip flops - FIREFLY brings action and trend sports to the people and is the first choice when it comes to great looks!

We are driven by the same core values as our target group: CREATIVITY, ACTION and FREEDOM.

FIREFLY products are available exclusively at INTERSPORT stores all over the world. A dedicated team of creative people and product managers is always in touch with the latest trends and technologies creating apparel, footwear and hardware with a great value for money. National brand advisors and focus groups constantly provide us with feedback that is again used to design and produce even better gear. Everybody involved is on the inside of the scene, sometimes a little crazy, but always very passionate about what they do. Because we want you to feel comfortable and feel good with your looks. Whether you skate, snowboard, ski, surf or just hang out at the beach, FIREFLY is the best choice you can make!


With FIREFLY, you are ready to find your own plagyround!